It all counts …

I want a lot of things. I am a lot of things.  Some things come easy, some not so much.  Regardless, I am experiencing the perfect result of everything I have done to this moment.  It can’t be otherwise.  Life is a timeline. If I eat too many cookies now and become ill later, the result may not be a desired outcome, but it is still the perfect result of an action taken in this moment in time.  The degree of effort or difficulty is not the issue. For example, it takes a lifetime of effort and specific training to become an Olympic swimming champion. But once you are standing on the platform waiting for the start of the final race it is the perfect result of everything you did to get there.  You may win the gold or silver, and it is still the perfect result. You may commit a false start and get disqualified.  Again, it is the perfect result of everything you do up to that moment in time including diving in too early.  Everything you do, think, take, learn, see, hear, chose, deny, goes in to the mix and in to a sort of time space continuum yielding results at every moment in time.  Like a funnel?  Perhaps a blender is a better analogy, but Fitness Blender sounds like a pitch for a new juice diet or a magic antioxidant elixir .. so it’s a funnel. And I’m not pitching anything.

Let’s bring this back a bit and take this philosophy down a notch from dreams of being an Olympic medalist to something a bit more realistic and attainable for many of us.  On the surface, I am a human, a man, a father, a husband, a son, and an employee in a very competitive profession. With that, I simply want to look as good and feel as well as possible, always.  I know from experience (good and bad) that no matter what else is going on in life, a baseline of good health and quality fitness offers a sense of calm and confidence I can take in to all life experiences along my timeline.  I have the experience of getting up early and taking a run, eating a light nutritious breakfast, cleaning the kitchen, spending a few quality minutes with my daughter, replying to a few urgent emails recieved over night, putting on a newly pressed suit and getting in the car with plenty of time to spare to get to my first appointment – with the perfect mix of music all queued up on my device of choice and a nice cold bottle of water for the commute.  Over time, I have made myself acutely aware of how I feel at various points in time.  In this particular moment I have set myself up as a calm, confident being, ready to take on the day.  conversely, I have the experience (a long time ago of course LOL) of staying up too late and having one (or three) too many cocktails, skipping breakfast or slapping some peanut butter on a piece of toast chased with three cups of coffee and some ibuprofen, becoming fearful and irritated reading urgent emails, snapping and my daughter and wife for bugging me, and running out of the house leaving a trail of ill feelings and chaos 15 minutes late – forgetting my water.  Again, aware of my being at this moment, it is no surprise that I am in no physical, mental or emotional state to cope with the first red light let alone a long stressful day.

Whether waiting for the start of the 200M freestyle in the Olympic finals, or at the first red light on your commute on an average Tuesday, you are the perfect result of everything you have put in to your Fitness Funnel.

This site is dedicated to the purposeful addition and subtraction of micro and macro elements of health, fitness and overall wellness – because it all counts.  You are the perfect result of everything you do up to this moment in time. Good and not so good.  It all goes in to the Fitness Funnel.  It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, get up early, lower cholesterol, get off high blood pressure meds, win an Olympic gold, or be a better father, it is already happening right this moment as a result of what you have added or subtracted to your Fitness Funnel.

There’s nothing really new or revolutionary about this.  You set goals, you work toward them, you make a run at achievement, you have a moment in time.  What the Fitness Funnel does is emphasizes that there is no start or stop between cradle and grave.  There is a timeline with snapshots of existence to experience right now.  These experiences can be influenced by adding or subtracting ingredients.  You can make dramatic life altering moves like quitting your job and setting out to write a novel, or shake the salt shaker one less time over your cheese fries … or broccoli. This site may help fire-up your mind and your consciousness by making suggestions as to things that you may want to add or subtract to your Fitness Funnel to create better experienced in your moments in time.